Creating a new website

Creating a new website

Finally, after delaying it for a long time, I did it. I finally updated my website!

In contrast to my old website I took a way cleaner approach. Instead of messing around with pure html and css (which I’m not really good at) I went and invested some time looking into hugo.

Hugo is a fantastic tool to create static Websites. Thanks to the extensive amount of available templates it’s easy to create a good looking static site in minutes.

Combined with Netlify’s CD (on which this website runs) it is very comfortable to host a hugo website.


As always there are certain problems when setting up something new.

In my case it was Netlify’s CD which caused me some trouble. While compiling the hugo website locally worked fine the compilation on Netlify gave me a weird error.

ERROR: 2018/06/04 10:52:06 general.go:212: Error while rendering taxonomy terms for tag: template: theme/_default/terms.html:7:14: executing "theme/_default/terms.html" at <.Paginator>: error calling Paginator: unsupported type in paginate, got <nil>

Thankfully after a bit of research and try & error I found out that Netlify appearantly doesn’t use the latest hugo version by default.

However the hugo version Netlify uses is adjustable using an environement variable which can be set in the web interface. Setting the version variable to the one I use locally finally solved the error.

Website Repository:


Later on I switched to Gitlab pages for automatic deployment, just because it’s simpler and everything is in the same place. I also put cloudflare in front of my Website to enable their cdn and caching, which significantly decreased the loading time of the page (especially the caching).

Update 2 (05.12.2018)

Switched to the Hermit theme. Additionally changed the hosting to a dedicated Webserver instead of Gitlab Pages.