TLS 1.3 arrived!

Feburary 25th Go 1.12 got released with opt-in support for TLS 1.3. With the 0.11.5 release of caddy which builds on Go 1.12, caddy finally supports TLS 1.3.

This also means that this site and (most of) the services I run, now support TLS 1.3.


This site now supports TLS1.3! Yay!

TLS 1.3 is the latest version of the TLS protocol, with many improvements.

These improvements include:

  • Mandatory perfect forward secrecy
  • Weak hash functions and ciphers got removed
  • Dropped support for many insecure or obsolete features including compression, renegotiation, non-AEAD ciphers, non-PFS key exchange, custom DHE groups and more
  • And more (full list)

Not only is TLS 1.3 exciting because it improves the security of TLS but it also increases performance greatly.

This is achieved by (1) removing a whole round-trip in the TLS handshake and (2) implementing 0-RTT, a feature that makes it possible to resume a TLS connection, which allows another round-trip to be eliminated (read more about 0-RTT here).

To wrap it up TLS 1.3 improves security and is a lot faster than TLS 1.2 which I think is really awesome.