Uninterrupted work time is very important for software engineering. It allows us to dive deep into the code and get work done. Sometimes it’s even possible to enter a so called flow state, where the code just seems to flow. However, it can be rather difficult to get some of that precious uninterrupted work time unless you’re a freelancer or self-employed.

Following list contains tools which I’ve found useful to get some uninterrupted work time:

  • Reserve time in your calendar for uninterrupted work (If you use Office365 you can even automate this using Microsoft Viva)
  • Set your status to do not disturb and close your mail program while trying to work uninterruptedly
  • Try to do uninterrupted work during the morning or in the late afternoon. Depending on your circadian rythm these times are most likely the times when you’re least distracted.
  • Close distracting applications or websites (looking at you lobste.rs)
  • Put on your headphones and play some lofi or otherwise calm background music.